The Tempest Filter From Evolution Aqua

The Tempest filter is the newest filter in the Evolution Aqua range. It is designed to be used as a polishing filter and works very well running after other filters, with customers quite commonly putting them after other Evolution Aqua filters such as the Nexus or the EazyPod, or for use after a drum filter.

The Tempest is a pressurised unit and is very, very simple to use. The water travels in via an inlet on the bottom, it then fills up the filter, percolates through the filter media, and flows out at the top. This allows a very good polishing of the water, particularly when used with the Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Filter Media inside, which is a very high surface area media. These can filter down to about one micron, which is impressive. Even when used after other filters which you would think should capture a lot of fines, the Tempest still catches a surprising amount of sediment.

Used on our own systems at Perfect Aquatics

Here at Perfect Aquatics we've got the Tempest set up on a number of our new tropical fish systems. These have been up and running for about a week now and the media is starting to mature, the brownness and the bacterial growth on the media is really good, it's happening nice and quickly. In the shop the tanks run off a normal sump system. From the sump, the water is pumped through the bottom of these filters, and then percolates through the media, nicely polishing all the water. The media has a very high surface area so it allows for lots of space for lots of this bacteria to live, and ultimately this bacteria controls the environment and makes the water healthy for the fish. The water then travels out of these filters, through heating and back into the system.


The bottom line

If you've got fines issues in your pond these are a great addition to add on and really clear up your water and get that crystal clear effect that most people are looking for.

We have found the Tempest filter to work very well. It is an excellent polishing filter produced by Evolution Aqua and complements any other products within the Evolution Aqua product range, particularly when installed after other filters such as the Nexus or EazyPod.


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