The EazyPod From Evolution Aqua

Next up we take a look at the EazyPod from Evolution Aqua, this is the smaller version filter of the Nexus. It works off the same principle of the vortex and uses the static K1 to polish your water. These are suitable for smaller ponds, up to 10,000 litres. The EazyPod works in the same way as the Nexus, you've just lost the moving bed chamber, which for smaller ponds you don't really need.


The EazyPod uses the same K1 media as the Nexus which has a very high surface area is and very efficient biologically. As we spoke about with the Nexus, your water comes in and circles around the filter, leaving all the heavy solids to the bottom. The water then travels up through the K1 media. There is a three-inch overflow pipe in the middle, leading straight back to the pond, overall it is a nice and easy system to use.

Many variations of EazyPod

The EazyPod comes in many variations; you've got ones including the air pump and the UV which is the 'EazyPod Complete' or you've just got the 'EazyPod Air' which includes the air pump. The EazyPod can be installed in either a gravity-fed or pump-fed setup, making it quite versatile. The specific one we're demonstrating in our latest YouTube video is the model with  UV. The models with UV use an 18-watt bulb, so if you used a pump bed setup, the water would travel past the 18-watt UV bulb, which is always essential in a system. With a gravity-fed setup we recommend using a separate UV the EVO range from Evolution Aqua. Depending on the size of your pond you might want to look at either the 25w or 30w or 55w versions. Your pump would basically pump up through that after the water has travelled through the filter.

Using the EazyPod Automatic in-store

Here at Perfect Aquatics we use an EazyPod Automatic on a number of our own systems, and this is one of the Eazy Pod options that we stock from Evolution Aqua. The Automatic upgrade is available on both the EazyPod and the Nexus.

The Automatic brings the addition of a control box, and in the scenario of the EazyPod this features the pressurised air pump inside the box meaning that no extra pump has to be plumbed on. It features an automatic valve and your power box, which means that the cleaning cycle will work completely on its own without you having to be involved whatsoever. The standard pre-programmed setting is set to clean once every three days, however, you can adjust and set the timing on it as you please; anything from multiple times a day, to once every few weeks to suit what best meets your needs. As a result, this allows you to leave the filter to its own devices. As with any piece of equipment, we would recommend always keeping a regular check on it, however, you should never have to actually do anything to clean it out.

There is a manual button on the EazyPod Automatic if you want to watch it carry out a clean at a certain time, but otherwise you can set the schedule and leave it to do it itself. The cleaning cycle works in the same as it would be in the manual EazyPod however it is completely done on its own. It switches the pump off, it switches on its pressurised air in there, bubbles up all of the media, allows it to bubble for a few minutes, and then opens up the automatic valve and allows that all to drain to waste.


Overall the EazyPod is nice and compact, making them very easy to install on smaller ponds. I would strongly recommend these on ponds between 2,000 litres up to 10,000 litres. These are really efficient and can be great for growing-on ponds for growing out small Koi.

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