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AI 12 Inch Flex Bracket For Prime
AI Flex Arm Bracket (18") - For Hydra 32 Only
AI Hydra 64 HD LED Light
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AI Hydra Mount System Single Arm
AI Prime 16 Fuge LED light - Black
AI Prime 16 Sol LED Light - White
AI Prime Tank Mount - Black
AI Wire Hanging Wire Kit - Black
Airtech Pond Air PumpAirtech Pond Air Pump
Evolution Aqua Airtech Pond Air Pump
Sale priceFrom £164.95
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Aqua One 100W Glass Heater - 20cm
Aqua One 101F Maxi internal filter 400 L/HR
Aqua One 102F Maxi internal filter 500 L/HR
Aqua One 103F Maxi internal filter 1200 L/HR
Aqua One 104F Maxi internal filter 2000 L/HR
Aqua One 150W Glass Heater - 20.5cm
Aqua One 200W Glass Heater - 27.5cm
Aqua One 25W Glass Heater - 18.5cm
Aqua One 300W Glass Heater - 33cm
Aqua One 55W Glass Heater - 18.5cm