Demonstrating The K+ Advanced Filter

 The K+ Advanced Filter, manufactured by Evolution Aqua works on the same concept as your old style bead filters, essentially it is a bead filter but it uses the K+ Advanced Media which is the newest media available from Evolution Aqua.


Two thirds of the filter is filled up with media, your water gets pumped in and percolates through all of that media which then filters down to about one micron, which is really impressive. It follows the same idea as the K1 Media, however with increased surface area which allows for very, very good polishing. The K+ Advanced Filter is a pressurised unit so it is very versatile to install as it can go at pretty much any height because it's not able to overflow.

The K+ Advanced Filter works well, complementing something like a Nexus or an EazyPod, and it can be applied on skimmers to polish out fines. These can also be used solely on their own as pond filters - on large ponds, they work well for that, however, I would say they are most popularly used as a polishing filter.

Cleaning the K+ Advanced Filter

When it comes to the cleaning cycle of the K+ Advanced Filter it is very efficient, you don't have to get your hands dirty or really do anything too labour intensive.

The multi-port valve on the filter allows you to select multiple options. When it comes to cleaning, you have a pressurised air blow which sits after the valve. When you switch that on it blows high-pressure air into the filter, stirring up all of the media and agitating it, which is a similar style of cleaning to the EazyPod and Nexus. You leave that running for a few minutes to free up all of the sediment and muck on the media, then you simply switch your multi-port valve onto backwash. When you turn your pump back on it pumps all of the water through the filter backwards, essentially rinsing off all of the muck and things that have been freed up by the agitation.

On the side you have a sight glass, which shows your wastewater and allows you to see if you have potentially green or brown water coming out of the filter. You can leave the unit back washing until it runs clear, and at that point you know it's nice and clean.

Before turning it back to normal filtering I'd also recommend when pushing it to rinse, this pushes the water back through it the normal way, however still to waste, which will rinse off any last bits that are still trapped in there to save you pumping mucky water back into your pond.

You then very simply place your multi-port bow back on to filtration, switch your pump back on, and that will leave the K+ Advanced Filter running as normal.

Available in four sizes

The K+ Advanced Filter comes in four different sizes. The one we demonstrate in our latest YouTube video is the 24 inch model, but they also do a slightly smaller 20 inch and two slightly larger sizes at 30 inches and 36 inches.

Overall opinion

Overall, the K+ Plus Advanced Filter is a very good polishing filter, it's excellent at catching out fines and is a great filter to complement any other of your filters from the Evolution Aqua range such as the EazyPod or Nexus.

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