Our Koi Department

Here at Perfect Aquatics we do a range of everything aquatics related, from dry goods, foods, chemicals, and treatments, but our main focus is livestock; tropical, marine, and Koi. When it comes to Japanese Koi and Koi ponds, we've got a wide range of fish available in-store, you'll see everything we've got here ranging from small tosai at cheap prices, up to high-quality tosai at higher prices and also much larger, top quality fish. 

Our indoor area is where we keep most of our smaller fish and outside you'll see where the larger Japanese Koi are. Our largest indoor pond is where we display some of our best Koi at the shop, these are mostly nisai (two years old) and we've currently got some nice ISA Showa in here, along with some Hoshikin Tancho and Okawa Karashigoi. We also use this pond for growing on throughout the winter. We've got heaters on this pond so we can get up to a nice temperature of around 23 degrees c, and good filtration to pump the ponds for the food.

Moving across to our outdoor area, this is where we have some of our higher-value Japanese Koi. In here at present we've got some Shinoda Doitsu Showa, these are grow-on's from last year that we got as jumbo tosai and they have come on quite nicely, we've got a nice mix of larger Go Sanke in here, some nice Showa, some large Kohaku, all popular Koi. In this next pond, we have more of a different mix of Koi, a selection from Marusei Koi Farm. In here we have some nice Shusui and Beni Kikokuryu. Currently these Koi are all around 40cm in size. Next to these we have two ponds of Koi from Aoki Koi Farm. Aoki Koi are known for their metallic finish and these fish are always a popular choice with customers.

At Perfect Aquatics we've got a large specialist Koi facility, and we will always do our utmost to help our customers. If you're looking for a particular variety of Koi or would like our specialist advice on selecting Japanese Koi for your pond, please get in touch and a member of our team will be only too happy to help.