A Sample Of Our Koi - Karashigoi

 These Karashigoi are a sample of just one variety of Koi that we have in stock. They came to us at the end of November last year and at the time they were all ranging in size from 28cm, up to around 32cm. After measuring recently we can see that on the larger end they're now measuring around 50cm, so that growth from November 2021 to late-August 2022 is pretty good going.

 We've got three quite different Karashigoi Koi in our example video here, all from the same breeder and the same spawning. The colour varies quite dramatically from the more pale end to the more mango in colour, so there's a massive variation in how they can turn out. You can really see the skin quality on the mango-coloured one, it's a bright vibrant orange and will really stand out in a pond. It's got a big, big yellow head and is a very impressive fish. Equally, the more pale yellow Karashigoi has fantastic 3D fukurin, and as the Koi grows larger and larger that will stand out even more.

Koi food and colour enhancement

These Koi have been on an auto feeder, set to feed approximately six times a day. They are in water heated to 24 degrees and are fed on a diet of purely Saki Hikari, with a mix of growth and colour enhancer. They've been raised in a pond with some ISA Showa and Hoshikin Tancho, we're looking to get results out of all of them. These Karashigoi don't typically need the colour enhancing factor but you can see that it's definitely brought out the yellow colours in them.

A good body shape

You can see they've all got a nice thick tail peduncle, nice thick shoulders above the head, not going too wide, and really nice body lines, which is also very important. You want a nice body line that's uninterrupted, not coming in down where the abdomen area is, but nicely carrying on through the fish. And that will allow for a yeah and nice aggressive body shape that will hold the larger size.

Get in touch for more details

At Perfect Aquatics we've got a large specialist Koi facility, and we will always do our utmost to help our customers. If you're looking for a particular variety of Koi or would like our specialist advice on selecting Japanese Koi for your pond, please get in touch and a member of our team will be only too happy to help.