Oase BioPlus Thermal 200 Internal Filter and Heater

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  • Complete set: Available with or without the integrated HeatUp adjustable heater – can also be retrofitted with the BioPlus – for undisturbed views of the underwater world
  • Integrated outlet nozzles: even surface movement, prevents formation of biofilm, enriches with oxygen
  • Particularly easy to clean as only the filter unit is removed


Suitable for aquariums up to max.


Dimensions (L x W x H)

120 x 110 x 330mm

Rated voltage

230 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption filter + heater

7 + 200 W

Net weight


Guarantee (+ request guarantee)

3 years +1

Max. flow rate

650 l/h

Max. head height, metres


Filter volume

0.7 L

Suitable for freshwater


Suitable for saltwater


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