KAMOER WIFI FX-STP Stepper Motor Peri Pump

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Product Description


Suitable for continuous operation
• High precision with stepper motor driver
• Adjustable flow rate setting of 0 – 140mls/min (Original version FX-STP 0-120ml/min)
• Digital display
• Control via wifi using the Kamoer Remote App or locally by onboard screen
• Calibration of flow rate
• Battery back-up – user setting saved if power lost.
• Uses high quality long life PharMed® Tubing in pump head – easily replaceable
• AC/DC power adapter.
• Exceptionally reliable.
• Unmatched flexibility in programming.
• Spare parts readily available.
• Dimensions – 125mm (h) x 83mm (w) x 133mm (d)

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