Greenstop Pro 36w

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Professional UVC Unit.


NEW - This is an incredibly innovative Ultraviolet Clarifier which will clear ponds of green water up to 23,000 litres.

Optimum sterilisation occurs with a flow rate of 6000LPH and there is a flow adjuster on the unit to control the flow.

The unit will work with higher flows, up to 10,000LPH.


  • Internal helix forces water into optimum connection with quartz sleeve, maximising UVC ray exposure.

  • UV indicator to show light is working.

  • Three inlet / outlets - useful if you want to run the output to feed two separate devices.

  • Separate glass viewport which can be used to replace one of the hosetails for use as a traditional single inlet/outlet unit.

  • This model comes with an advanced thermal protection feature, which automatically shuts the unit down if in danger of overheating.

  • Once the unit has cooled down to normal temperature it will restart and continue to operate.

  • Length 518mm.

  • 2 year guarantee.

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