Filtobox 12000 Pond Filter 18w

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Bargain multi-chamber pond filter for ponds up to 12,000L.


Fantastic value - this filter comes complete with a powerful 18w UVC!

At last, a genuine multi-chamber professional filter box that anyone can afford - we feel sure that these new units will prove a hit.

Dirty water enters through the multistage hosetail past the UVC where it is pushed through foam into the first chamber of biomedia.

The water then flows into a second chamber and is forced upwards, through foam, over into the final chamber -  clean water then returns.


  • Dimensions: 57x36x43cm (LxWxH).

  • Top inlet/ outlet means filter can be buried.

  • Large capacity powerful in-built UVC.

  • Outlet: 70mm.

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