D-D Clarisea SK-3000 Auto Fleece Filter & Alarm

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ClariSea Sk-3000 Automatic Fleece Filter Roller GEN 3

Making pre filter so much easier! The Sk-3000 from ClariSea offers a highly efficient and hassle free solution for removing suspended particles from the water column.

With an automatic roller, maintenance is reduced on a large scale compared with standard filter sock type pre-filtration. The fleece type filter roll on the SK-3000 helps to trap micro algae, detritus, food, organic waste and gravel dust to help with clarity and overal health of the aquarium.

The Clarisea GEN 3 offers brilliantly clear water consistently with minmal mainteance and fuss.  This ensures maximum light penetration for the growth of plants and corals whilst reducing the accumulation of organic waste in the aquarium.  In addition this reduces the load on the protein skimmer, meaning less maintenance and less detritus.

Suitable for use in marine, freshwater, fish-breeding and propagation systems for corals.

The Clarisea comes complete with a Clarisea Smart Controller for automatic and manual advance of the fleece roll complete wtih visual and audible alarms if a potential error is detected. 

Clarisea SK-3000 Specifications:-

Rec Flow Rate : 3000 LPH
Particles Size Removal : Up to 20 microns
Max Submerged Water Depth : 20cm (8")
Hang-On Bracket Height Adjustment : Up to 14cm (5.5")
Max Aquarium Size : Up to 600 litres
Inlet Connection Size : 32mm (1 1/4")
Filter Fleece : 10cm (4") width - length 25m (82ft)
Dimensions : See Side Images for Product

At a Glance

Low Maintenance Pre-Filter System
Easy Installation
Low Foot Print
Completely replaces the need for messy filter socks
Preassembled Body
Quick release silence plates
Top rollers with fleece guide
Easy clean design
End of roll alarm
Phosphate free fleece material
Low odour fleece material
Silencer plates for quiet operation
Water bypass system
Clarisea Smart Controller included


Max Aquarium Size 451 litres +

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