Deltec TC-PRO 1500ix 230V

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The new Deltec TC-PRO 1500ix 230V (AC) innovative internal skimmer from Deltec.

The Deltec 'i' DC pump and 'ix' AC pump range of protein skimmers incorporate a high performance pump with class leading energy to air ratio.

Deltec TC-Pro protein skimmers feature a special Twin Chamber design of the bubble chamber for ultra high performance and ensures that only unskimmed water passed through the pump rather than reskimming and overskimming water in the chamber. 

The Bubble plate design on the Deltec TC range allows the height of the skimmers to be reduced and allow them to fit inside most cabinets. 

This is an external skimmer protein skimmers and its recommended to have a supply of 1700 litres per hour.

At a glance:

  • Aquarium size up to 1500 litres
  • Power consumption 22 watts with 1200 litres of air (in normal operation)
  • Dimensions (LXBXH): 38cm x 23cm x 58.6cm high including pipe work
  • Highly efficient cylinder body
  • Can be gravity or pump fed
  • Connections : 25mm in and 40mm out
  • Air silencer
  • Supply pump Not included - Recommended supply flow is 1700 ltrs / hour

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