Aqua One 103F Maxi internal filter 1200 L/HR

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Maxi 103F

Suits Aquariums: up to 100 Litres

Dimensions: 28.5cm

Wattage: 13.2W

Voltage: 240V/50Hz

Cable Length: 1.8m

Max Flow Rate: 960L/hr

Key Features:

  • Includes suction cups for secure hold in the aquarium.
  • Effective mechanical and biological filtration.
  • Proven reliability.
  • Venturi aeration nozzle.
  • High quality foam media.
  • Selection of different outlets.

Aqua One IFXE Internal Filters provide biological, mechanical and chemical filtration as well as providing circulation and aeration.

With a range of outlet options, these filters can be modified based on the needs of the aquarium.

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